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Deposit ($300)

Tuition+Shared Room

April 15th Payment ($530)

April 15th Payment ($350)

Congratulations on your acceptance to the 2018 Space City New Music Festival! We look forward to having you in Houston, Texas!

Please send Space City New Music Festival tuition payments through the PayPal links below.

Full Tuition ($1,350)

Full Tuition ($1,909)

April 15th Payment ($700)

Tuition+Single Room

**Payment of tuition and housing is due in full by May 15th, 2018

May 15th Payment ($350)

May 15th Payment ($768)

March 15th Payment ($700)

Deposit ($300)

March 15th Payment ($350)

2018 SCNMF Participants: Please use this PayPal link below to send a custom payment amount. 

For questions or concerns, please contact our summer festival staff at: 

Deposit ($300)

Tuition only

May 15th Payment ($549)

March 15th Payment ($530)

Full Tuition ($2,468)